Monumental work makes up an important part of Pierre van Soest’s work.
A special collaboration existed with the architect Frank van Klingeren.
Shopcounter collage
Photostudio van der Pol, Oostzanerdijk 28 Amsterdam
Architect Frank van Klingeren
Stair mural and relief drawings
Shipyard Kraaier, Zuiddijk 416, Zaandam
Architect Frank van Klingeren
Wall mural
Werkinrichting Diemeroord - AGO, Kriekenoord, Diemen
Architect Frank van Klingeren
  Circa 1957
Metal sculpture
Evert Kuppersoord, Amersfoort
Internal and external wall murals
Kiosk Bergmann canal tours, Prins Hendrikkade Amsterdam
Architect Frank van Klingeren
concrete relief
House Familie Wimmers, Limburghof, Amsterdam
Architekt Frank van Klingeren
concrete relief
Korfbalvereniging LUTO, Boelelaan 768 Amsterdam
Architect Frank van Klingeren
Wall mural
Muur'64 - Visie op een wand,
Museum Fodor, Amsterdam
Concrete sculpture (20x3,80 m), wall mural kantine (11x2,40 m)
and sgraffito (5,80x2,40 m)
Jeugdgebouw Noord (Youth centre), Meeuwenlaan 256 Amsterdam
Architect Frank van Klingeren
Group of statues "Leven op de trap", interial mural (15x6 m)(acryl on wood)
De meerpaal, Dronten
Architect Frank van Klingeren
Enameled panel (4x32 m)
Power station, Hoogvliet
Architect Wim Quist
Colourfuldesign umbrellas, stony scuptures and baffles
't Karregat, Urkhovenseweg, Eindhoven
Architect Frank van Klingeren
Three paintings of 225x630cm from the series Weekendfilm
ABN AMRO Amsterdam
Triptych of 240x720cm
ING Bank, Amsterdam

Other monumental work

(an selection)(no pictures available)

1957, Interior colour design, photostudio van der Pol, Hagedoornweg 76 Amsterdam
Architect Frank van Klingeren

1959-1961, Brick relief and enameled totempole, jeugdherberg Duinark(youth hostel), Langevelderlaan Noordwijk
Architect Frank van Klingeren

1973, colordesign construction of steel, jeugdherberg Ockenburg (youth hostel), Monsterweg 4, Den Haag
Architect Frank van Klingeren

year unknown, mural painting, jeugdhuis het anker (youth centre), grote Wittenburgerstraat, Amsterdam